P i a n o

“When you play, never mind who listens to you.” ― Robert Schumann

img_20160914_091700The First Leaf Falls

A contemplative glimpse of Autumn’s beginning.

Intermediate/ Advanced  available for perusal/ purchase here

The First Leaf Falls

For Hands, Five Duets JDP030417FHFD thumbnailFor Hands, Five Duets is a series of five 4-hand piano duets, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced-intermediate. Students and siblings of various abilities can play these pieces together and add some fun to any recital or performance venue. Featured in the Alberta Registered Music Teacher’s Association’s Tempo Magazine September 2016, the collection includes all five pieces heard below.

Score available as a whole from MusicSpoke, or each piece separately from sheetmusicplus.com.

” A Finch in the Factory” – Listen as he escapes!

“Grandma’s Day at the Beach” Get out your polka dots, Grandma, it’s time for a day at the beach!

“The Argument” For siblings everywhere.

 “The Englishman Rides a Camel” Maybe he should put down the tea…

“Tin Roof Rain Ruckus”   Who says raindrops can’t have fun?

March of the Volunteers- the Chinese National Anthem

Chinese-flagIntermediate/ advanced level, available for perusal/ purchase here

March of the Volunteers

Mo Li HuaMo Li Hua –   “Jasmine Flower”

A popular Chinese folk song for early-intermediate piano.

Score currently available at sheetmusicplus.com

 Reep’s Escape   Intermediate piano

Reep the gerbil has escaped again! Listen as she scurries around the room, exploring every nook and cranny until finally caught, and placed safely back in her cage.

Score available through sheetmusic.com