Ave verum corpus

SATB   A prayerful, meditative setting of the Eucharistic poem.  

Finalist in 18th Street Singers composition competition 2017. Premiered by Notevolmente in Rome, Italy, December 2018.

Score available for perusal / purchase through CC_logo_mapleleaf4      Also available for TTBB HERE

The Bluebird

SATB setting of Mary Elizabeth Coleridge’s poem, “The Bluebird.”

For score perusal, please message Joy.

Also viewable on YouTube here.

Christi crux est me lux SATB-JDP082817CCEML perusal

Christ crux est mea lux SATB “The Cross of Christ is My Light”

As premiered by the ChorObandes Youth Choir, Tokyo, Japan for the Haru Kan Choir Competition 2015. With this piece, they achieved First Place.

Score available for perusal / purchase at MusicSpoke

In Deo sola spec mea 041018IDSSM perusal

In Deo sola spec mea  SATB   

“My Hope in God Alone” is a conceptual title, meaning “My hope (is) in God alone.” The title of the work does not directly appear in the piece. The text originates from Psalm 72 (LV), and translates, “But it is good for me to adhere to my God, to put my hope in the Lord God: That I may declare all thy praises, in the gates of the daughter of Sion….

As premiered/ recorded by Vox16 (Now known as “Radiance”) for their 2018 CD release, “Locally Sourced.”

Digital recordings of that performance can be found for purchase through iTunes here and Amazon Music here.

Score available for perusal / purchase at MusicSpoke

Miserere mei Deus  SATB with piano, Alto solo                              Miserere Mei Deus JDP042717MMD perusal tn

As performed by the Cascadian Choral, Dr. Gary Cannon. Click here for Kirkland Choral Society’s 2015 premier and video recording.

Score available for perusal / purchase at MusicSpoke

There Was the One  – a setting of the Wessobrunn Prayer, SSAATTBB a cappella duration 6:00


Read more

Score available for perusal /purchase throughCC_logo_mapleleaf4

TNFBOTVThough No Fruit Be On the Vines SATB with organ

As commissioned and performed by the Cascadian Chorale, dir. by Dr. Gary Cannon, for the 2018-2019 season. Text is taken from Habakkuk 3:17-18, Zephaniah 3:17 and  Psalm 31:7.

For a perusal score, please contact me. Score will soon be available through MusicSpoke.

“Though No Fruit Be On the Vines” Cascadian Chorale

Mondnacht JDP SATB032918M perusal

Mondnacht SATB, soprano solo

tapsealdone1Written in memory of Ralph DeCoursey, the text is taken from Joseph Freiherr Von Eichendorff’s well loved poem, “Mondnacht.” This piece was a semi-finalist in the American Prize.

Score available for perusal / purchase at MusicSpoke


The Triumph of King Edmund JDP091818TTKE perusal

The Triumph of King Edmund SATB, soprano solo  The text for this piece is a poem by Dr. Rev. Frances E. Ward- until recently the Dean at St. Edmundsbury in Suffolk, England. The poem pays tribute to the death of the faithful King Edmund, believed to be the last East Anglican King. The piece has been sung and recorded, but not officially premiered. It is a work of musical drama, and would be a wonderful addition to any program with themes of faith, steadfastness, early music, historical times etc. To officially premier this piece, please visit MusicSpoke.

Performance recording by Dulces Voces


Jesus  SATB,  piano and violin 

A message from the angels to the shepherds

Score available for perusal / purchase at MusicSpoke

Recording provided by the Cascadian Chorale

 All Ye People SATB with percussion and flute or treble instrument. The old English text for this piece is taken from Henry King’s poem called “Psalm 1.” It is a fast moving, vibrant piece that involves clapping, stomping, and a loud “HEY!” at the end. It is yet to be premiered, and would be perfect for an energetic / HS or College group.

To premier this piece, visit MusicSpoke.

 I Shall Not Live In Vain  SATB   This short piece,a setting of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking,” is a call to action. It encourages kindness and compassion in all circumstances, and due to it’s message, would make for a perfect addition to any endorsed-by-pe-lightprogram, especially suited to HS or college.

Premier in 2019 by the Cascadian Chorale, Dr. Gary Cannon. For a full score perusal, please contact Joy.

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