“When you play, never mind who listens to you.” ― Robert Schumann

A series of five 4-hand piano duets, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced-intermediate. Students and siblings of various abilities can play these pieces together and add some fun to any recital or performance venue. Featured in the Alberta Registered Music Teacher’s Association’s Tempo Magazine September 2016, the collection includes all five pieces heard below.
The collection can be purchased as here, or each piece separately using the linked titles below:

A Finch in the Factory
Grandma’s Day at the Beach
The Argument
The Englishman Rides a Camel
Tin Roof Rain Ruckus

March of the Volunteers

Intermediate/ Advanced

China’s national anthem.

Purchase/ peruse here

Mo Li Hua

“Jasmine Flower”

A popular Chinese folk song for early/ intermediate piano.

Purchase/ peruse here

Reep’s Escape


A fun exercise in speed and agility for fingers. Reep the gerbil has escaped!

Purchase/ peruse here

The First Leaf Falls

Intermediate/ Advanced

A contemplative glimpse of Autumn’s gentle beginning.

Purchase/ peruse here

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